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Allobe - Edge Vision Device

Suitable for All Visual Needs

Basic version of Allobe modules includes a wide-angle lens, a telescope lens, an infrared sensor, and a ToF sensor. Its powerful edge computing capacities enable vision processing under most possible environments: in the dark, high-speed, long-distance, and 3D imaging, etc. We also offer you with easy-to-use development kit, so you do not have to bother and start with unfavorable imaging sensors, lenses, boards, circuits, testing. One piece of Allobe will fit you with most vision needs that go beyond simple human visions.

Image by Martin Brechtl

Proof of Concept Solution

Make it Visible beneath Our City

Based on Allobe and needs from our partners, we are building our own solutions for sewage monitoring. We target to real-time monitor and alarm for any unexpected blocks or leakages inside pipes, so that huge cost and time can be saved from problem detecting and pipeline repairment.

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Product: Press Kit
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